Antal OPF 80 mm Hollow Pin Deck Block

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Antal OPF 80 mm Hollow Pin Deck Block
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Attribute Value
Length (L) 160 mm
Width (W) 68 mm
Height (H) 98 mm
sheave (D) 80 mm
Side bearing Delrin balls
Radial bearing composite fibre
Weight 400 g
max line 14 mm
A 18 mm
SWL 2200 kg
Material Aluminum
Sheave material Plastic
Fixing screws 4 x 8 mm
Hollow pin deck block, sheave 80, SWL 2200 kgThe sheave rotates on a hollow pin with the line passing through the pin centre. This type of arrangement reduces the height of the line off the deck, and the side loads on the block. The line position and its direction to the winch does not change, even when the sheave is articulated off-centre. Body completely made in hard black anodized aluminium. Sheave on Composite Fibre bearing and two side ball bearing.