MC Scow Mainsheet system470

Mainsheet System

MC Scow Mainsheet System Parts
Use a Ratchamatic® as the second block (furthest aft on the boom) in your 4:1 Carbo mainsheet system. It provides holding power in heavy air, but becomes free-rolling when the wind is light. Ratchet engagement adjusts to suit muscle power. Locking headposts let you fix blocks parallel to the boom to prevent the mainsheet from twisting.



HAR2625 - Harken 57mm Carbo Ratchamatic Block
Code: HAR2625
List Price: $ 102.70
Price: $ 90.38
HAR2600 - Harken 57mm Carbo Block
Code: HAR2600
List Price: $ 47.15
Price: $ 41.49
HAR2601 - Harken 57mm Carbo Block w/ Becket
Code: HAR2601
List Price: $ 52.75
Price: $ 46.42
HAR2728 - Harken Low-Load Small Boat CB Car w/ Fixed Sheaves and Eyestrap
Code: HAR2728
List Price: $ 164.40
Price: $ 144.67
HAR2670 - Harken 75mm Carbo Ratchet Block
Code: HAR2670
List Price: $ 87.40
Price: $ 76.91
HAR461 - Harken Large High-Load Ball & Socket Stand-Up Base
Code: HAR461
List Price: $ 64.10
Price: $ 56.41

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