A-Class Catamaran Mainsheet System470

Mainsheet System Layout

A 40 mm Carbo Ratchamatic® controls this powerful 8:1 system. The ratchet mechanism in the sheave automatically engages as loads increase. When eased, the ratchet automatically disengages, allowing unloaded sheets to run out instantly during mark roundings and jibes. The lower block rotates so the sheet follows the driver on both tacks.

HAR2654 - Harken 40mm Carbo Quad Block
Code: HAR2654
List Price: $ 160.85
Price: $ 141.55
HAR2619 - Harken 40mm Ratchet Triple w/ Cam 29mm Block Becket
Code: HAR2619
List Price: $ 231.70
Price: $ 203.90
HAR241 - Harken Bullseye Swivel Base w/ 365 Carbo-Cam
Code: HAR241
List Price: $ 79.20
Price: $ 69.70

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