Lewmar Ratchet BlocksLewmar

Lewmar Ratchet Blocks

LLewmar Sailboat Racing Ratchet Blocks from Mauri Pro Sailingewmar Racing Ratchet Blocks are designed to achieve the best strength-toweight ratio within legal race limits. They range in size from 60 mm (23/8") to 250 mm (9 7/8") and comes as single, becket, doubles, triples and footblocks. Easily trim in with this series of blocks which include Ratches sheaves and revessed ratchet lever.

Lewmar Racing Ratchet Block Features:
  • Monocoque Construction
  • 3 in 1 Head
  • Torlon Rollers
  • Delrin Thrust Balls
  • Ratchet fiddle blocks feature alloy ratchet sheaves and recessed ratchet lever

  • Lewmar's high performance Control Ratchet Blocks are extremely Lewmar Control Ratchet blocks from Mauri Pro Sailinglightweight and have unprecedented load bearing capacity. The weight advantage comes from a combination of MRT (Metal Replacement Technology) and stainless steel central race and balls. Long Fibre Technology provides you with exceptional strength and durability. Plus, the open design allows you to easily flush out sand and salt, which keeps maintenance simple and your entire operation running a lot smoother.

    Lewmar Control Ratchet Block Features:
  • Lightweight
  • Very High Strength
  • Impact Resistance
  • Reduced Friction
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Optimised for hand control

  • Currency:
    LEW29901624 - Lewmar 60/40mm Fiddle Block w/Ratchet, Bkt & Cam
    Code: LEW29901624
    Price: $239.70
    LEW29901661 - Lewmar 60mm Single Ratchet Block
    Code: LEW29901661
    Original Price: $89.40
    Price: $64.32
    LEW29901670 - Lewmar 60mm Triple Ratchet w/Becket & Cam
    Code: LEW29901670
    Original Price: $404.90
    Price: $291.50
    LEW29901821 - Lewmar 80mm Single Ratchet
    Code: LEW29901821
    Original Price: $216.30
    Price: $173.10
    LEW29901824 - Lewmar 80mm Fiddle w/Ratchet & Bkt & Cam
    Code: LEW29901824
    Price: $443.00
    LEW29901830 - Lewmar 80mm Triple Ratchet w/Becket & Cam
    Code: LEW29901830
    Original Price: $689.60
    Price: $552.00
    LEW29904050 - Lewmar 60mm Stand Up Ratchet Kit
    Code: LEW29904050
    Price: $17.92
    LEW29906621 - Lewmar 60mm Single Ratchet Footblock LH
    Code: LEW29906621
    Original Price: $142.40
    Price: $102.60
    LEW29906622 - Lewmar 60mm Single Ratchet Footblock RH
    Code: LEW29906622
    Original Price: $142.40
    Price: $102.60

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