Spinlock Jammers


Spinlock ZS Remote Release

ZR and ZS Series Jammers are for secure holding of higher line loads and can be released only after winching the line. The new ZR jammer offers hands-free locking and release of higher loaded lines on larger production yachts. ZS Alloy Series for performance loads up to 4000kgs and line sizes 8mm to 18mm. ZS Carbon Series combines an internal ZS mechanism with an ultra-light carbon body. For loads up to 12000kgs and line sizes up to 32mm. ZS Open series can be locked onto any loaded line when needed; the perfect solution for peeling spinnakers, headsails, reefing and for locking off in an emergency.

ZR Jammer
Acc.<br>ZR Jammer
ZS Jammers
ZS Open Jammers
Acc.<br>ZS Jammer
Remote Release

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