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Smocks & Spray Tops

Dinghy Smocks and Spray Tops
GILRC016 - Gill Race Waterproof Smock
Code: GILRC016
Original Price: $235.00
Price: $199.00
GIL4363 - Gill Pro Top
    Code: GIL4363
    Original Price: $145.00
    Price: $119.00
    GIL4365 - Gill Dinghy Smock Top
      Code: GIL4365
      Original Price: $99.95
      Price: $84.99
      Code: HENY00343
      Price: $120.00
      Code: HENY00253
      Price: $115.00
      Code: SLAS170001S00
      Price: $295.00
      Code: SLAS170023S00
      Price: $139.90
      Code: RSGCL80
      Original Price: $124.95
      Price: $106.21
      GIL4366 - Gill Thermal Softshell Dinghy Top
      Code: GIL4366
      Original Price: $160.00
      Price: $139.00

      Women's Dinghy Smocks and Spray Tops
      GIL4363W - Gill Women's Pro Top
        Code: GIL4363W
        Original Price: $145.00
        Price: $119.00

        Junior Dinghy Smocks and Spray Tops
        GIL4365J - Gill Junior Dinghy Smock Top
          Code: GIL4365J
          Original Price: $89.95
          Price: $76.49
          Code: RSGCL80J
          Original Price: $94.95
          Price: $80.71
          Code: SLAS170023S00JU
          Price: $129.90

          Keelboat Racing Smocks
          Code: ZHKSMOCK301
          Price: $235.00
          GILRC016 - Gill Race Waterproof Smock
          Code: GILRC016
          Original Price: $235.00
          Price: $199.00
          Code: HENY00313
          Price: $225.00
          Code: HENY00312
          Price: $275.00
          Code: HENY00303
          Price: $375.00
          Code: SLAS170024S00
          Price: $395.00

          Offshore Sailing Smocks
          GILOS21S - Gill OS2 Offshore Smock
            Code: GILOS21S
            Original Price: $385.00
            Price: $329.00
            Code: ZHKSMOCK801
            Price: $459.00
            Code: ZHKSMOCK802
            Price: $579.00
            Code: HENY00340
            Price: $700.00

            Ocean Sailing Smocks
            GILOC11S - Gill OC Racer Smock
            Code: GILOC11S
            Original Price: $749.00
            Price: $639.00
            Code: HENY00197
            Price: $1,200.00
            Code: ZHKSMOCK902RD
            Price: $989.00
            Code: HHN32006
            Price: $1,200.00


            Smocks and Spray Tops - Overview

            Smocks and spray tops are the dinghy sailor's foul weather solution. The sailing smock is a top that is designed to keep water off the user during some of the roughest sailing conditions on a dinghy. In sailing, keeping dry through all splashes, waves and rain is key to the competitor's performance and comfort in any sailing outing. The design of sailing smocks and spray tops lack the full front zipper, which means it also takes out the issues that arise as the zipper starts to wear out, such as a locked up zip, corrosion or even water leak through the zip. The advantage once the neck and wrist enclosures of a sailing smock are sealed is that the spray top creates a water proof layer that protect the core of any sailor form the spray encountered when encountering either waves or spray off of the bow.

            About Gill Smocks & Spray Tops

            Gill's designing process starts with a group of sailors at all levels, right up to Olympic medallists and Volvo Ocean Race winners, getting together and going through their kit bags.

            Gill then design a range to their exact specifications and when they have prototypes, Gill ask them to test the products. Gill's sailing gear extensive in-house and independent lab testing programm then adds an additional level of assurance that the products will do the job. Visit Gill Smocks & Spray Tops

            About Henri Lloyd Smocks

            Henri Lloyd's commitment to your enjoyment is throughout the range, quality build, optimum function, best design for your comfort, whatever your purpose. Chase your ambitions, seek the freedom, encounter the thrills. Henri Lloyd provide the options, you make the choice. Visit Henri Lloyd Smocks.

            About Ronstan Smocks

            Ronstan provides its sailors with top of the line performance gear that helps athletes adjust to the elements of any race course. The newest line of gear uses a combination of materials for their unique properties such as water repellence, wind-proofing, drying speed and thermal qualities. These materieals are used where needed to provide the upmost in comfort and flexibility. Visit Ronstan Smocks

            About SLAM Spray Tops

            SLAM's passion for research and innovation, together with the appreciation of their customers, has made SLAM the brand of technical clothing chosen by the greatest sailors in the world. The mission of SLAM has always been to "conceive, test and produce" advanced technology sportswear in order to improve the performance of sailors and to create a nautically-inspired sportswear collection for everyone with a passion for the sea. Visit Slam Spray Tops.

            About Zhik Sailing Smocks

            Zhik sailing gear has designed its smocks to withstand all settings of sailing. The Zhik Isotak sailing smock is the high performance super durable race gear designed for offshore and coastal racing. Isotak is built to the highest waterproof and breathable specification. All seams are glued twice and taped to ensure the strongest water proof seal possible. The Zhik Reziseal Smock is designed with both ReziSeal Neck and wrist seals are designed for the fast and conventional seals that will not deteriorate keeping all leakage into the smock to a minimal.

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