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Selden Sailing Equipment


Selden always aims for perfection and when it comes to designing new products, no detail is too small. Boaters have come to love the wide range of products that Selden can provide, ranging from Blocks to Bowsprits to Reversible Winches, there is no shortage of what Selden cannot provide for your vessel. From the choice of materials to the rigorous testing of the finished product, Selden always maintains a level of care and perfection in their process. Quality and system thinking is one of their main philosophies and Selden is continuing to strive to achieve the best possible function for each product, so that all vessels may reach perfection.

Furlex Genoa Furling Systems
CX and GX Furlers
Code X<br>Torque Rope Thimble
Code X<br>Double Rope Thimble
Continuous<br>Furling Line
Gennaker<br>Bow Brackets
2:1 Halyard Blocks for Code Zero
Brackets<br>Mast & Boom
Rodkicker<br>Boom Vangs
Backstay Flickers
Spin Poles<br>Aluminum (EFE)
Spin Poles<br>Aluminum (Trip)
Spin Poles<br>Aluminum Fittings
Spin Poles<br>Carbon (EFE)
Spin Poles<br>Carbon (Trip)
Spin Poles<br>Attachments
Spin Poles<br>Cars - RCB
Spin Poles<br>Composite Fittings
Spin Poles<br>Slides
Whisker Poles
Selden Track and Travellers
Selden Complementary Hardware
Selden Blocks
Selden Cleats and Accessories

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