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Yngling Triplehanded Keelboat
The Yngling is designed to sail with three crew (although two can handle it easily). Optimal crew weight is 400 to 500 lbs., so the Yngling accommodates both juniors and normally sized adults, and it is the ideal women's racing boat (in fact, IYRU selected the Yngling for its first International Women's Championship in 1994, and ISAF chose it as the boat for the 2004 Olympic women's keelboat event). Sail controls on the Yngling are easy to manage, and the effects of small adjustments are felt by the crew. The Yngling sails in a delicate and fast upwind groove.

In 1990 Jan Linge re-designed the interior of the Yngling, giving it a water-tight, raised, "double-bottom" cockpit sole. With "Elvstrøm" bailers on port and starboard just above the waterline, the boat drains water quickly under sail, upwind and downwind.
The Yngling is unsinkable: Class rules mandate that a boat have enough styrofoam flotation so that, if filled entirely with water, an Yngling can still float -- with three crew aboard!

In a nutshell, the Yngling is a sleek and seaworthy small racing keelboat, succinctly described as an agreeable cross between a planing dinghy and a keelboat. Its design is classic, and its construction is durable.

Mainsheet System

Yngling Mainsheet
The 6:1 Mainsheet allows the main to be trimmed in with ease. The main sheet is led from a stand up block with cleat to the boom then to 2 fiddle blocks in the stern of the boat.

Jib Fine Tune

Yngling Belowdeck Fine-Tune Jib Controls
This 4:1 double-ended system allows crew to simultaneously control the movement of both traveler cars from the weather rail. Cars stay in the same position, helping to maintain jib trim from tack-to-tack. The belowdeck feature keeps decks clean.

Jib Halyard Adjuster

Yngling Jib Halyard Adjuster
The gross-trim controls let crew hoist the jib quickly. Small adjustments to jib halyard tension with the fine-tune controls help to optimize sail shape.

Sheets and Control Lines
Boom Vang
Jib Fine Tune
Jib Halyard Adjuster
Mainsheet System

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