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Class Description

The prototype of the X-99 was launched in 1985, and within one week a staggering 100 boats were sold to clients who had paid a small deposit based on a draft proposal test sailed hull #001 and signed the actual order. No other boat, before or since has enjoyed such a spectacular launch. Within the first 2 years the X-99 had established fleets in Denmark Germany, Switzerland and Holland. This list of accredited National fleets soon grew to include the UK, Hong Kong, and most recently Sweden.

Starting first with National, then European, and finally World Championship regattas the X-99 fleet has grown in both numbers and stature. The 1989 World Cup was won by renowned American yachtsman Jim Brady, and with Dutch, Hong Kong and Danish crews appearing on the winner’s rostrum over the years the fleet enjoys a truly International flavour. Annual Championships attract participants from up to 9 different countries, and up to 3 different continents with fleet numbers constant at between 40 - 50 boats. Since hull 001 took to the water in 1985 the X-99 has been upgraded to include such standard X-Yachts features as a steel bottom frame to replace the original glassed in wooden floors. Other improvements include the upgrade of the Bukh engine to a Volvo and aluminium window frames to replace the original recessed Plexiglass panels.

Mainsheet System

Windward Sheeting Mainsheet Traveler
The cams on the windward sheeting traveler car open and close automatically. This allows the trimmer to stay on the boat's high side and pull the car above the centerline without releasing the leeward control line. Tack, and the car stays in the same position, ready to be pulled to the new weather side.



Genoa System

Adjustable Genoa Lead System
Our ball bearing genoa lead cars make it easy to adjust sails under full-sheet loads without tacking. This reduction in friction and weight savings achieved using the T2™ block makes this a powerful lightweight package.





Sheets and Control Lines
Backstay and Runners
Boom Vang
Genoa System
Mainsheet System
Traveler System

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