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About the Viper 640

Rondar Viper 640 Sportboat

The Viper 640 is a 2 to 4 person, high-performance sports boat. It is FUN, FAST, EASY and AFFORDABLE. The Viper makes high performance sailing available to everyone. The open transom bails water instantly, even in extreme conditions. The Viper is simple, clean, and effective, with no protruding hardware and everything placed for efficiency. The Viper is light enough to be towed behind a compact car and simple enough to be rigged and sailed in under a half hour. The boat can be launched from a hoist or ramp. The 640 is strict one-design with no changes permitted to the boat as supplied by the class approved builder. The only option is sails, supplied by class approved sailmakers and strictly controlled through class rules, which encourages the development of tuning techniques with the help of the best sailors and sailmakers.

Viper 640 a high-performance one-design sport boat.

At 21 ft (6.40 m) and only 749 lb (340 kg) it combines the stiffness of a keelboat with the acceleration and planing abilities of a dinghy. The Viper has a precise and exhilarating feel on the helm, a spacious cockpit for three people, strict one-design class rules and ease of launching by ramp or hoist.


Mauri Pro Sailing is proud to be a Rondar Sailboats and Viper class dealer. Now you can order your new Viper 640 here. Mauri Pro Sailing - Viper 640 specialists are ready to help you and go over options and available features.

Gnav/Boom Vang

Viper 640 Gnav strut
The Viper cockpit is very clean with a gnav in place of a traditional vang. The new 8:1 Harken gnav replaces the slider system with a captive bearing car designed for compression loads. The Harken HC8418 utility car removes most of the friction to make the system more powerful, reducing the need for a very high purchase, and making it far easier to use under load.

Jib System

Viper 640 Jib Leads
The 2:1 ratchet-controlled jib sheet runs through Carbo T2s on the clew to low-profile pinstop cars for trim angle adjustments. In addition to moving the cars forward to round the foot of the jib, Viper sailors can also improve light-air performance by removing the top batten to keep the leech open.

Viper 640 Jib Halyard Fine-Tune
For cranking up the luff tension in fresh wind, the Viper's jib halyard is deflected through a 8:1 fine-tune. The double-ended system uses Micro Carbo Cams with X-Treme Angle fairleads, making it easy for the forward crew to adjust without leaving the rail.

Sheets and Control Lines
Jib System
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