Selden Rodkicker Boom Vang
Type 10 Gas Spring Kits


Selden Rodkicker Boom Vang Type 10 Gas Spring Kits

The Rodkicker can be supplied with an optional integral gas spring. This lifts the boom when the kicking strap is released, opening the leech of the sail. A Rodkicker with a gas spring replaces the topping lift, making reefing fast and simple. The gas spring is easily retrofitted to a Rodkicker that does not have a spring.

Gas springs are available in a range of strengths, to cover variations in boom weight (including the stowed sail) and the Rodkicker angle. The angle varies with gooseneck height and kicker length.

Gas Spring, conventional mast

Gas Spring, furling mast
Original Price: $ 170.00
Price: $ 144.50
Original Price: $ 231.00
Price: $ 196.35
Original Price: $ 300.00
Price: $ 255.00

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