Schaefer Series 1 Blocks


The Shaefer 1 Series Blocks are the smallest offerings that have introduced many sailors to their first experiences on dinghys, prams and small daysailors around the globe. Offered in a complete range of configurations to meet the needs of today's small sailboats. 1 Series Blocks are designed and developed with the same care and innovation given to their successful larger blocks.

Constructed of tumbled and polished Stainless Steel. High impact Delrin sheaves turn on polished, stainless spacers to function with a minimum of friction, even under heavy loading. Head shackles are high quality Stainless Steel with clevin pin and cotter ring attachments.

Original Price: $ 18.00
Price: $ 14.37
Original Price: $ 35.80
Price: $ 28.79
Original Price: $ 28.90
Price: $ 23.64
Original Price: $ 35.80
Price: $ 28.79
Original Price: $ 26.30
Price: $ 21.58
Original Price: $ 34.90
Price: $ 28.79

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