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Ronstan Trapeze Hardware


RONSTAN Toggle Pins - Overview

Ronstan Trapeze Hardware are used to install the rigging necessary to trapeze. Get your bodyweight completely off the rail with this variety of grade 316 Stainless steel adjustable trapeze rings, vee jam blocks and strap plates. Keep a hold using Ronstan Trapeze Handle.

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RONPNP171BLU - Ronstan Trapeze Handle Blue
Original Price: $12.90
Price: $9.87
RONPNP171R - Ronstan Trapeze Handle Red
Code: RONPNP171R
Original Price: $11.80
Price: $9.03
RONPNP198GRN - Ronstan Spinnaker Shackle Guard 60mm OD x 12mm ID - Green
Original Price: $15.10
Price: $11.56
RONPNP198R - Ronstan Spinnaker Shackle Guard 60mm OD x 12mm ID - Red
Code: RONPNP198R
Original Price: $15.10
Price: $11.56
RONRF17 - Ronstan Adjustable Trapeze Ring
Code: RONRF17
Original Price: $40.95
Price: $31.33
RONRF27 - Ronstan Toe-Strap Plates 48.6 x 16 x 1.6
Code: RONRF27
Original Price: $6.20
Price: $4.74
RONRF341 - Ronstan Series 29 Vee Jam Block Single
Code: RONRF341
Original Price: $43.95
Price: $33.62
RONRF48B - Ronstan Figure 8 Trapeze Ring
Code: RONRF48B
Original Price: $18.50
Price: $14.16
RONRF5121 - Ronstan Trapeze Cleat, Alloy, 4-8mm (3/16 in.-5/16 in.)
Code: RONRF5121
Original Price: $37.10
Price: $28.39

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