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Ronstan Chain Plates & Strips


RONSTAN Ballslide T Batten Systems - Overview

Ronstan Chainplates are used in conjunction with stay adjusters and other fittings in wire rigging systems and are made of grade 316 stainless steel. These chainplates are typically used on dinghies, catamarans and small keelboats.

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RONRF112 - Ronstan S/S Strip 896mm Long, 8mm Holes
Code: RONRF112
Original Price: $28.80
Price: $22.03
RONRF192 - Ronstan Chainplate 76mm (3 in.) Long
Code: RONRF192
Original Price: $7.20
Price: $5.51
RONRF27 - Ronstan Toe-Strap Plates 48.6 x 16 x 1.6
Code: RONRF27
Original Price: $6.20
Price: $4.74
RONRF39 - Ronstan S/S STRIP 923 mm Long, 6.5mm Holes
Code: RONRF39
Original Price: $24.70
Price: $18.90
RONRF39A - Ronstan S/S Strip 915mm Long, 5mm Holes
Code: RONRF39A
Original Price: $25.70
Price: $19.67
RONRF47 - Ronstan Chainplate 16 Gauge 200mm (8 in.) Long
Code: RONRF47
Original Price: $11.30
Price: $8.65
RONRF488 - Ronstan Chainplate 127mm (5 in.) Long
Code: RONRF488
Original Price: $10.30
Price: $7.88

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