Harken System B Battcar TrackHarken


Harken Mainsail Handling Battcar System B Track

The one-piece solid aluminum construction is lightweight and strong. Cars and headboard plates are deep-saturation Hard Lube anodized for durability. UV stabilized with black additive for maximum protection. Both CB and Slider Battcar systems use the same track. Mix and match sliders and ball bearing cars for optimal performance and cost.

Harken Battcar System B Track is extruded from high-grade 6061-T6 aluminum and hardcoat-anodized for a hard, long-lasting surface. 3844 track mounts to mast using a unique slug system that allows mast-up installation.

For masts without internal sail track, attach R27 Midrange traveler track by drilling and tapping the spar. Join track sections with splice links. Order one per track section. Order one low-beam endstop (sold in pairs).

Use flanged track when mounting to carbon spars. Track features a groove for racing sails with boltropes or slugs. Use C10878 endstop feeder kit to easily raise sails with boltropes.

Typical Boat Size:

Monohulls: length 50 - 60 ft (15.2 - 18.3 m)
mainsail area under 900 ft2 (83 m2)

Multihulls: length 40 - 50 ft (12.2 - 15.2 m)
mainsail area under 700 ft2 (65 m2 )
HAR38492M - Harken System B Flanged Mast Track - 2m
Code: HAR38492M
Original Price: $196.30
Price: $172.74
HAR38496M - Harken System B Flanged Mast Track - 6m
Code: HAR38496M
Original Price: $533.70
Price: $469.66
HARR2712M - Harken Low-Beam Metric Track w/ Pinstop holes - 1.2m
Code: HARR2712M
Original Price: $88.30
Price: $77.70
HARR2718M - Harken Low-Beam Metric Track w/ Pinstop Holes - 1.8 m
Code: HARR2718M
Original Price: $131.85
Price: $116.03

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