Harken Cam Cleats


Harken Cam Cleat

Tired of banging on the mainsheet to uncleat, or watching the cleat let go at just the wrong moment? Harken® Ball Bearing Cam Cleats hold lines securely and release instantly under load. With a downward flick of the wrist, the sheet snaps into the cam—and stays exactly where you want it. Pull up, and the cleat immediately releases. Smooth teeth grip line of all sizes including the smalldiameter hard line preferred by racers.

Multiple rows of high-load ball bearings reduce friction so cams open easily for snap-down, rather than draw-through cleating which allows for precise sail control without having to readjust the cleated line

Harken Aluminum Cam-Matics are hardcoat-anodized for high-load, high-wear, continuous adjustment applications. The PTFE surface of the aluminum Cam-Matic improves the cleat’s fast line engagement. Available in Micro, standard and Offshore sizes.

Harken Cam Cleats have a versatile shape and come with an abundance of accessory options to make the perfect fit for your boat.
Code: HAR150
List Price: $ 36.35
Price: $ 31.99
Code: HAR150DS
List Price: $ 35.00
Price: $ 30.80
Code: HAR150KIT
List Price: $ 17.25
Price: $ 15.18
Code: HAR280
List Price: $ 57.20
Price: $ 50.34
Code: HAR468
List Price: $ 29.65
Price: $ 26.09
Code: HAR491
List Price: $ 110.00
Price: $ 96.80
Code: HAR365
List Price: $ 28.65
Price: $ 25.21
Code: HAR412
List Price: $ 87.25
Price: $ 76.78
Code: HAR471
List Price: $ 26.10
Price: $ 22.97
Code: HAR418
List Price: $ 132.50
Price: $ 116.60
Code: HAR355
List Price: $ 68.10
Price: $ 59.93

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