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Harken, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and marketer of quality marine and sailboat hardware and accessories. Buy Harken hardware such as blocks, winches, travelers, mainsail & headsail systems, and a full range of hydraulic products and services for your boat.Harken Sailing Equipment at Mauripro Sailing Store

Harken Classic Blocks
Midrange Classic blocks are ideal sailboat hardware for sheets, halyards, and control lines on offshore boats because their robust construction is strong enough to handle high loads while their ball bearing sheaves reduce friction to a minimum. Their large-diameter sheaves accept line to 14 mm and the wide range of configurations means there is a Midrange block that’s ideal for any application. Small Boat Classic blocks are exceptionally free-running and can be used for sheets, halyards, and control lines on dinghies and smaller keelboats, as well as for lightly loaded control lines on boats of all sizes. Small Boat Classic blocks come in multiple sizes, dozens of configurations, and are ideal sailboat hardware for almost every trimming task.

Harken Battcar System
A Harken Sailing Battcar System along with full-length battens helps raise, douse, and reef with ease and acts as extra crew if you’re sailing shorthanded. Battcar systems outperform in-mast or in-boom furling, cost less, and you don’t need to recut your sail.

Harken Cam Cleats Bases
The stainless steel Cam-Matic is made of high-wear, investment–cast stainless that is mirror polished to a high luster. Ball bearings distribute load to instantly engage and release line for precise trimming under maximum tension. Available in Offshore model. Lightweight fiber-reinforced Carbo-Cams® for racing where weight is critical, or where adjustments are less frequent. Available in Micro and standard sizes.

Harken Carbo Racing Foils
The engineering of the Harken Carbo Racing Foils resins in these strong, lightweight head foils offer significant advancements over the weaker PVC materials used by other manufacturers. The low-friction twin headsail grooves are ultra-smooth, allowing hoists, douses, and headsail changes to be easily and efficiently executed. Impact resistance is unmatched, with far less foil damage from loaded spinnaker poles, especially in cold weather. Heat has little effect on stiffness. Foils are UV protected and easy for the trimmer to see. For mast-up installation, simply uncoil the foil and snap onto the stay.

Harken Winches
Harken has reaches a new level of performance with the Radial Winch line. Details you will like include reduced wear on the line: gripping surfaces of Radial Winches are shaped and do not depend on friction to hold the line. Also, we've completely covered the winche tops so fingers and clothing don't get caught in moving parts. Seasonal maintenance is now exceptionally easy - the sop lifts out as a single unit, making reassembly quick and mistake-free.

Harken Performa Winches are for racers and racer/cruisers using high-tech line who don't want to invest in a carbon winch, or who need winches in smaller sizes. The Performa Design combines the efficiency of Harken Radial winches with the sand blasted grip of its Carbon Fiber racing winch for a powerful hybrid. Performa winches transfer high loads to the winch with fewer wraps, allowing crew to trim and ease sails quickly and repeatedly as wind strength and directions change. Performa winches are available in sizes 40 to 60 to completment Harken's carbon fiber product line.

Electric Winches allow crew to trim any size sail with the push of a button. Winches mount in minutes without removing the drum and can be quickly disassembled and serviced on deck. Seasonal maintenance is painless. Snap-fit socket, washer, and screw top lift out as a unit, making reassembly fast and mistake-free, with no leftover or misplace or parts to worry about.

Harken Furling System
Most furling sails are designed with a high clew to give the lower part of the sail a better wrap around the foils, and to improve visibility under the sail. A sail with a moderately low clew has the greatest efficiency and will maintain good visibility because the tack of the sail is raised off the deck. About the differences between Harken's MKIV and ESP furler: Both MKIV and ESP furler are designed for longevity and ease of use, but the MKIV has additional features that make it more suitable for performance cruising and racing. Most racers don't use a #1 genoa on the furler because the luff is usually too long and the construction too light. A #2 or smaller genoa should be strong enough to handle reefing and short enough to use with your furling system. Harken MKIV Furlers feature an easily removable drum that allows you to secure the sail tack to the deck. The halyard swivel stores quickly below the feeder so you can use the dual groove extrusions as a twin-foil headstay-this means fast sail changes when you're racing. It also means you can use your full hoist #1 genoa while in race mode.

Harken Sailboat Hardware is an international performance marine and sailing hardware manufacturer headquartered in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, USA. The company was founded in a 60-foot trailer in 1967 by brothers Peter Harken and Olaf Harken.

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