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Harken 22 mm Small Boat CB Track


Harken Small Boat Track Accessories

Harken 22 mm Small Boat Track Accessories are made to improve the performance of your traveler or genoa lead systems. Endstops, trim caps, and splice links are available specifically for the 22 mm Small Boat track and cars.

Harken 22 mm Small Boat Endstops/Trim Caps - When end controls are not used, add endstops to absorb shock loads. When end control assemblies are used, trim caps finish track ends. Sold in pairs. Fasteners not included.

Harken 22 mm Small Boat Splice Links - Splice links join track and keep it aligned during installation.
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HAR173 - Harken Small Boat Endstops (Pair)
Code: HAR173
Original Price: $8.35
Price: $7.35
HAR174 - Harken Small Boat Endstops High-Beam (Pair)
Code: HAR174
Original Price: $8.80
Price: $7.74
HAR263 - Harken Small Boat Endstops Heavy Duty (Pair)
Code: HAR263
Original Price: $29.45
Price: $25.92
HAR264 - Harken Small Boat Endstops High-Beam Heavy Duty (Pair)
Code: HAR264
Original Price: $39.15
Price: $34.45
HAR2722 - Harken Small Boat Trim Caps (2)
Code: HAR2722
Original Price: $14.25
Price: $12.54
HAR2723 - Harken Small Boat High-Beam Trim Caps (2)
Code: HAR2723
Original Price: $17.70
Price: $15.58
HAR2724 - Harken Small Boat Splice link
Code: HAR2724
Original Price: $10.05
Price: $8.84
HAR446 - Harken Small Line Shedding Traveller Endstops (Pair)
Code: HAR446
Original Price: $10.90
Price: $9.59
HARE2200 - Harken 22mm Small Boat End Stop Set
Code: HARE2200
Original Price: $10.00
Price: $8.80

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