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Forespar has an extensive line of marine products that include: spinnaker poles and whisker poles made of aluminum, carbon fiber or composite materials, boom vangs, sail handling hardware, safety equipment and many other boating accessories that make your outing on the water as enjoyable as possible.

Spinnaker Poles

Forespar Spinnaker Poles offer a complete and diversified line of spinnaker poles. They manufacture spinnaker poles that can fit all types of sails, from the sailing racer to the cruiser. The spinnaker poles are made from either aluminum or carbon fiber; which come in multiple sizes and pole combinations that makes the fit onto the vessel simple. The Standard Spinnaker UXP poles have a double bridle topping lift/foreguy system so that neither require trimming during the jibe for the End-to End technique. The UXP spinnaker pole end fittings are common on small boats and are ideal for one bowman end to end gibes. They are tripped by a common trip line allowing both the mast end and the guy end of the spinnaker pole to be tripped at the same time. The Offshore Spinnaker poles are made to be extra durable and rugged to stand up to the conditions of being out on the waters for extended racing. While the carbon fiber composite are 40% lighter than the aluminum counterpart. With different pole accessories they allow you to store and keep safe your pole while not in use.

Whisker Poles

Forespar Whisker Poles gives you line control while staying at the mast, instead of going forward to adjust buttons. Making it easy for the sailor racing going downwind or just cruising. Forespar Telescoping poles are available that can be adjusted to whatever length the sailor desires to help the sailor remain in control. Carbon Fiber Whisker Poles makes the poles 50% lighter than other aluminum poles but still stiff to hold. With whisker pole accessories and repair kits keep your pole safe while maintaining top condition through all the weather you come across while out on the water.

Reaching Struts

Forespar Reaching Struts are made to be easy to use, quick, and give better control of the Spinnaker pole. The automatic locking strut locks onto the toggle pin mast with a simple push. Combined with a simple release lever to be removed, it is a must for all die-hard competitive racers. The Forespar External Trip End Fitting UXP is the newest in spinnaker pole end fitting technology. Made strong and lightweight, it resists wear and tear which makes it a must for all racing and cruising.

Yacht Rods and Boom Vangs

Forespar Boom Vangs are made to be “work horses” and made to last for thousands of ocean miles. Just make sure the boom is fixed and non-rotating so it works effectively. The Forespar Yacht Rods come in three different sizes for all kinds of different ships. The yacht rods don’t lift the boom but instead take the place of a topping lift, and hold the boom up and level when the main is furled. With it not being hydraulic powered, there is no gas spring to lose over time and more durable with stainless steel. Forespar makes their mast and boom brackets to fit their particular ends exclusively to hold the extreme compression force.

Tiller Extensions

Forespar Tiller Extensions are made to be lightweight, easy-to-hold, and simple to fix and/or replace. They set the standard for all tiller extensions by making different designs and lengths to satisfy every sailor and their vessel. From golf to rubber ball end grips; to the Big and Giant stick, Forespar makes tiller extensions that fits and forms to your liking. The Forespar Twist-Lock tiller extension comes with 3 different fastening locks, the TFP Quick Release, SF (Sta-Fast), and the SL (Speed Lock) it gives sailors options on how to manage their boat.

Forespar Shackle Guards

Forespar Shackle Guards are made to provide space and protection for the after-guy shackle and spinnaker pole ends, by being placed in between the two. The shackles come in white, green, and red colors to stand out on the boat, different sizes, and are UV inhibited to stay around longer than others.

Motor & Cargo Mates

With Forespar Motor Mate, lift heavy equipment on your boat with ease. With a Railfast system, it can lift/place things from the dinghy and/or cockpit up to 100 pounds. Its compact, lightweight design helps it be moved on and off the boat with ease. Also comes with accessories that can give it more support, connection options, and mounts.

FOR339007 - Forespar Mast Track 1 1/4 in. Clear finish - 5 ft.
Code: FOR339007
Original Price: $83.45
Price: $58.42
FOR339008 - Forespar Mast Track 1 1/4 in. Clear finish - 10 ft.
Code: FOR339008
Original Price: $166.45
Price: $116.50
FOR339009 - Forespar Marelon Track Stop MS-125
Code: FOR339009
Original Price: $5.00
Price: $3.50

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