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Facnor LS LX Extra Foils


FACNOR LS Furler Plates

The SX twin groove foil sections, round shaped, offer smooth furling as well as a high rigidity. Facnor recommends a 5mm finished luff tape.

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FAC0013 - Facnor SX25 Foil Section for LS and LX 60 and 70
Code: FAC0013
Original Price: $115.48
Price: $56.30
FAC0014 - Facnor SX33 Foil Section for LS and LX 100 and 130
Code: FAC0014
Original Price: $148.77
Price: $72.54
FAC0017 - Facnor SX53 Foil Section for LS and LX 330
Code: FAC0017
Original Price: $154.83
Price: $75.49

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