Soling Mainsheet System470

Mainsheet System

The gross-trim/fine-tune twin cam system matches the Soling's 2:1/4:1 purchase requirements.

HAR2152 - Harken 57mm Carbo T2 Single Block
Code: HAR2152
Original Price: $45.80
Price: $40.29
HAR2638 - Harken 40mm Double Carbo Block
Code: HAR2638
Original Price: $71.25
Price: $62.69
HAR2634 - Harken 57mm Carbo Double Ratchamatic Block
Code: HAR2634
Original Price: $274.75
Price: $239.00
HAR403 - Harken Swivel Cam Base w/ 412 Cam-Matic
Code: HAR403
Original Price: $202.00
Price: $169.00

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