Elliott 6m Spinnaker System470

Spinnaker System

Downwind, the crew dynamic changes to better accomadate the use of the Spinnaker. The foreward crew member runs the bow and gybes the spinnaker pole without ever leaving the cockpit. The middle Crew Member trims the spinnaker sheets as the helsman controls the main while steering.

The Spinnaker sheets runs through a 'tweaker' then to a fairlead through a cheek block in the stern. It is then lead from the stern to a flip flop block, which allows the the spinnaker to be trimmed at any angle in the cockpit.

HAR2144 - Harken 57mm Ratchamatic Flip-Flop Block
Code: HAR2144
List Price: $ 212.60
Price: $ 187.09
HAR2606 - Harken 57mm Carbo Cheek Block
Code: HAR2606
List Price: $ 43.35
Price: $ 38.15
HAR150 - Harken Cam Cleat 150 - Standard Cam-Matic
Code: HAR150
List Price: $ 36.35
Price: $ 31.99

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