Schaefer Stainless Hardware


Schaefer Stainless hardware is manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel. These pieces of hardware are designed to withstand the work loads and corrosive environments common on any sailboat. The Schaefer name has provided a line of quality stainless hardware designed to handle the wear involved in sailing while the rigging keeps its pristine sheen.

Bow Eye/<br>Lifting Rings
Clevis Pins
Double Jaw Toggles
Exit Boxes
Exit Plates
Eye Deck Plates
Eye Jaw Toggles
Pad Eyes<br>Investment Cast
Link Tangs
Eye Straps<br>Narrow Saddle
Quick Release Pins
Reefing/<br>Cunningham Hooks
Stainless Bails
Stanchions<br>& Accessories
Strap Tangs
Eye Straps Thimbled
Triangle Plates
Universal<br>Reefing Hooks
Utility Rings
Pad Eyes<br>Welded

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