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J/22 One Design - Rigging and Parts

The J/22 is the choice of one-design fleets and institutional sailing programs worldwide, because she has proven to be a great value and a favorite among juniors and adults alike. The hull and deck are unyielding Baltek balsa cored laminates. All deck gear is first class and located in accordance with the latest class preferences.

The It has a comfortable self-bailing cockpit with 7 ft. long seats and room for 4-6 people in the cabin to escape the rain or cold.

The J22 is also the key to financial success in managing public access sailing programs like Sail Newport. Such programs around the country can generate annual charter income on each J/22 nearly equal to its cost. People come back because they enjoy sailing a boat which is responsive, comfortable and dry for its size.

It is built for safety with buoyancy tanks and offshore hatches. Her 700 lb. lead keel lowers the center of gravity, creating nearly 1700 foot pounds of righting moment at 90 degrees of heel.

There are over 1,550 J/22's now sailing in 65 active fleets in eighteen countries on three continents. Recognized by the ISAF, the International J 22 Class Association promotes activities and regattas worldwide. There is a very active class web site and association newsletters. For class racing, sails are restricted to only a main, small jib and spinnaker with total crew weight at 605 lbs. There is still no better One-Design value available in a 22' keelboat.

Jib System

2:1 Jib Cross Sheeting
Add two 29 mm T2 blocks on the clew for a 2:1 purchase. Use cheek blocks for free-handed cross sheeting in moderate breeze and the #6 Harken winch when the wind picks up. Total adjustability from the weather rail.





Mainsheet System

Twin Traveler Line Cleats
Two Harken cam cleats for the traveler control line positioned forward of the traveler allow the helmsman to adjust from either the weather or leeward side.







Sheets and Control Lines
Backstay System
Boom Vang
Cunningham System
Deck Hardware
Jib System
Mainsheet System
Rudder and tiller fittings
Spinnaker System
Traveler System
Standing Rigging

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