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Buccaneer 18 One Design - Rigging and Parts

Buccaneer 18: Fast and Stable Sailing

The Buccaneer 18 was designed by speed genius Rod MacAlpine Downie and originally commissioned by the Chrysler Marine division. The Buccaneer was designed as a powerful, wide-beamed sit-in dinghy. The furling Jib, spinnaker launch tube, and easy-to-trim main all make sailing the Buccaneer simple, fun, and fast. The fiberglass hull is strong, stable, and efficient and the boat is easy to maintain and rig. The Buccaneer 18 class features an active racing calender, with one-design sailing across North America.

She was designed with long waterlines, a wide beam, and a modest aspect ratio sail plan to reduce the heeling moment. The waterlines on the Buccaneer were re-trimmed to produce as nearly a symmetrically heeled waterline as possible, minimizing weather helm. The boat has a long easy entry to reduce bow wave and easily planes in 8-10 knots.The Buccaneer can be sailed single-handed or can comfortably accommodate three people. The Buccaneer 18 features a roomy cockpit and easily handled controls. Well-balanced, self-righting, and self-bailing, the Buccaneer is embraced by a lively class that spans from Alaska and Toronto to South Carolina and Arizona.

At Mauri Pro we have a range of parts, running rigging, sailing gear, and accessories that will help keep your Buccaneer 18 in top sailing condition.

Buccaneer 18 Specifications

LOA: 18 ft (5.4 m)
Draft: 3 ft 10 in (1.17 m)
Beam: 6 ft (1.8 m)
Weight: 500 lb (226.7 kg)
Main/Jib: 175 sq. ft (16 m)
Spinnaker: 178 sq ft (16.5 m)


Mainsheet System

Buccaneer 18 Mainsheet and Parts
The 6:1 mainsheet features six lightweight Carbo blocks in series for smooth, low-friction trimming. The system is simple, fast to rig, and utilizes a swivel cam base for easy cleating at any angle. The Buccaneer mainsheet makes it simple to swap out parts, while the 6:1 purchase makes trimming a breeze in even the heaviest sailing conditions.





Rig Tension

Buccaneer 18 Rig Tension System and Parts
To tension the shrouds and jib forestay/halyard, a track on the mast is adjusted with an underdeck purchase comprised of two triple-blocks. The control line exits the purchase to the cockpit for convenient midrace access upwind or downwind, so the boat can always be tuned for optimal power. It provides up to 400 lb of forestay tension for high-performance sailing in strong winds, while allowing the rig to be powered up for light air sailing.

Furling System

Buccaneer 18 Jib Furler and Parts
The low-friction Harken Small Boat Furler lets the crew easily set and furl the jib from the cockpit. Multiple stacked races of ball bearings help the furler to rotate easily under load. Sailing with the jib furler is simple, fun, and easy.





Sheets and Control Lines
Furling System
Mainsheet System
Rig Tenshion System

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