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Cascaded Boom Vang

470 Boom Vang
The cascaded vang uses super strong single, double, and triple 16 mm blocks for a powerful 16:1 mechanical advantage. The skipper can play the vang from either side of the boat.

At Mauri Pro we have a range of parts and lines suited for the 470 boom vang system.

Mainsheet System



470 Two-Car Mainsheet System
This fast-tacking two-car system halves the distance a single car would travel. The bridle and the 2:1 side-to-side traveler controls raise and lower the floating mainsheet block for perfect mainsail twist. Mainsheet tension tightens the leech and reduces twist.

At Mauri Pro we have a range of parts and lines suited for the 470 mainsheet system.



Spinnaker Pump System

470 Spinnaker Pump Halyard System
A 1:2 reverse purchase on the halyard allows the skipper to raise the spinnaker twice as fast. Pulling the pump handle .6 m (2 ft) off the cockpit floor raises the spinnaker 1.2 m (4 ft). A 1:5 shock-cord halyard take-up system automatically manages accumulating line during the rapid chute deployment.

At Mauri Pro we have a range of parts and lines suited for the 470 spinnaker halyard system.

Class Description

International 470 Class: The Doublehanded Olympic Dinghy

The 470 is an Olympic Class Dinghy recognised by ISAF. Sailed by both men and women, it was designed in 1963 by the Frenchman André Cornu as a modern fibreglass planing dinghy.

The International 470 Class is the class used for both the men’s two person and women’s two person dinghy events at the Olympic Games. Used as Olympic equipment since 1976, where the class was sailed as an open event before the introduction of separate events for men and women in 1988, the 470 is sailed in more than 61 nations around the world.

The 470 is equipped with spinnaker and trapeze, making teamwork necessary to sail it well. Tactically the 470 is demanding because speed differences are small and fleets are usually big. To be competitive, everything should be mastered to perfection, and the 470 is often quoted as the most challenging, dynamic and thrilling to sail of the boats at the Olympics.

At Mauri Pro we have a range of parts, covers, and gear that will help keep your 470 in top racing condition.

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