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Harken Small Boat Furling System
Harken Small Boat Furler allows the trailerable cruising or dinghy sailor to set and furl the jib from the cockpit. Drums and halyard swivels feature multiple stacked races of Delrin® or Torlon® bearings for smooth rotation under load. Small Boat units are for furling only, not reefing.

Harken Small BoatUnderdeck Furling Units
Harken Small Boat Underdeck Furler is ideal for sportboats and daysailers from 4.8 m to 9 m (16 to 30 ft). The drum is located beneath the deck, lowering the tack height for maximized sail area. The single through-deck ball joint provides a low-profile, nearly watertight system that aligns the spool to the headstay. Like all Small Boat furlers, the underdeck furler is for furling only, not reefing.

Harken ESP Jib Reefing and Furling Units
The Harken Sailboat ESP Furler is designed for the cruiser looking for an easy-to assemble furler with an elegant design. Install a Harken® ESP Furler and trim safely from the cockpit when it blows; unfurl instead of motoring when it’s light, for a great day of sailing. To make assembly easier, Harken offers top foils in five precut lengths—no hacksaw required. An adjustable bottom foil fine-tunes the unit. Foils slip over most existing headstays without cutting the headstay, reducing set-up time even more.

Harken MKIV Genoa Furling Units
Harken MKIV Genoa Furling Systems are strong, lightweight and aerodynamic, with the performance and features Harken® is known for. Longevity, ease of use, and simplicity of installation are crucial components of the design. These free-rolling furlers make all the difference in headsail control by allowing racers and cruisers to quickly furl and reef from the safety of the cockpit, while maintaining great sail shape and optimal speed.

Harken’s MKIV Underdeck Furling is the perfect solution for performance racers and cruisers who want an aerodynamic system with a minimal amount of equipment above deck. The drum is located beneath the deck, lowering the tack height for maximized sail area.

Easy Reefing and Furling: Multiple rows of large-diameter Torlon® ball bearings used in high-load areas to minimize friction for easy reefing and furling; require no lubrication or isolating seals.

More Furling Power: Large inner spool diameter increases mechanical advantage for powerful reefing and furling. Smaller outside dimension allows unit to fit narrow bows or below deck. Unit rotates around rod or wire headstay so furling bearings do not carry the headstay load for easy furling.

Long-Lasting Protective Finish: Aluminum line guard, torque tube, and swivels are deepsaturation hardcoat-anodized for no-fade UV-stabilization, strength, and durability. The hardcoat-anodized line guard is urethane-coated for additional corrosion protection. Specially formulated low-stretch black line is abrasionand UV-resistant; standard on units 0, 1, and 2.

Harken Staysails and Gennaker Furlers
Harken Furled Staysails are easy to hoist rolled and can be deployed or doused from the cockpit. In marginal conditions the sail can be struck instantly without changing the trim of the boat. Multiple stacked races of Torlon® ball bearings ensure smooth operation under load. Systems include a lower drum with snap shackle, fairlead and Cam-Matic® cleats, and an upper swivel with provision for halyard attachment.

Harken Gennaker Furling was developed for large single-handed boats and huge oceangoing multihulls. The drum unit features a fairlead, while the upper swivel is designed for direct halyard attachment. Custom designs are available for larger boats.
Use screecher furling systems on multihulls up to 32 ft (9.60 m) and easily driven sport boats. Perfect for jib reaching, screechers are set on the bowsprit. They are often carried upwind in light to moderate conditions and used as storm spinnakers when it’s blowing.
Systems are sized to handle loads of 2:1 halyards, and multiple stacked races of Torlon® ball bearings ensure smooth rotation under load. Fairleads allow the furling line to lead aft to the cockpit.

Harken Code Zero Furling
Originally built for Volvo 60s, Harken Code Zero Furlers are used with free-flying asymmetrical headsails and staysails. Suitable for boats up to 21 m (70 ft), they tame Code Zero sails, screechers, Gennakers®, and staysails. The eight-faceted sheave-drive grips line aggressively to furl huge sails with minimal line. The large diameter makes furling smooth and easy. The 3126 and 3127 Code Zero’s spring-loaded arms hold line captive in the sheave. Arms open to remove the line for quick unfurling, or to strike the furler. A built-in stripper safely guides line out of the furler. The lower unit incorporates a quick sail disconnect by pushing a springloaded button.

Harken Yacht Equipment is an international performance sailing hardware manufacturer headquartered in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, USA. The company was founded in a 60-foot trailer in 1967 by brothers Peter Harken and Olaf Harken. Most furling sails are designed with a high clew to give the lower part of the sail a better wrap around the foils, and to improve visibility under the sail. A sail with a moderately low clew has the greatest efficiency and will maintain good visibility because the tack of the sail is raised off the deck. About the differences between Harken's MKIV and ESP furler: Both MKIV and ESP furler are designed for longevity and ease of use, but the MKIV has additional features that make it more suitable for performance cruising and racing.

Most racers don't use a #1 genoa on the furler because the luff is usually too long and the construction too light. A #2 or smaller genoa should be strong enough to handle reefing and short enough to use with your furling system. Harken MKIV Furlers feature an easily removable drum that allows you to secure the sail tack to the deck. The halyard swivel stores quickly below the feeder so you can use the dual groove extrusions as a twin-foil headstay-this means fast sail changes when you're racing. It also means you can use your full hoist #1 genoa while in race mode.

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