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Tacktick Micronet Cruising

Tacktick Cruising Displays

Tacktick cruising displays receive and display data, such as speed, depth, wind, SOG and XTE, wirelessly from any Micronet Transmitter. Being wireless, Tacktick displays can be positioned wherever you need them on the boat, and they can be easily removed and safely locked away when not in use. With NMEA, you can also connect your existing system to any Tacktick wireless display

Code: TACT100
Original Price: $1,099.99
Price: $949.00
Code: TACT101
Original Price: $1,376.99
Price: $1,189.00
Code: TACT103
Original Price: $1,121.99
Price: $969.00
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Original Price: $2,749.99
Price: $2,379.00
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Price: $779.00
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Original Price: $2,267.99
Price: $1,959.00
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Price: $599.00
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Price: $679.00
Code: TACT112912
Price: $679.00
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Price: $779.00
Code: TACT121
Price: $489.00
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Price: $489.00
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Price: $1,079.00
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Price: $469.00
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Price: $319.00

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