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Ronstan Pivoting Low Lead Blocks


RONSTAN Pivoting Low Lead Blocks - Overview

Ronstan Pivoting Low Lead blocks
are a low profile solution for leading halyards or other rig sail controls back to cleats or jammers. Maintains alignment with a variable line entry-angle. The line passes through the centre of the pivot support, remaining as close to the deck as possible. The self-contained alloy sheave packages provide reliable, low-friction performance at high loads.

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RONRF68174 - Ronstan Series 60 RB Block, Pivoting Low Lead
Code: RONRF68174
Original Price: $579.95
Price: $443.70
RONRF78174 - Ronstan Series 75 RB Block, Pivoting Low Lead
Code: RONRF78174
Original Price: $628.30
Price: $480.65
RONRF61176 - Ronstan Series 60 AP Block, Over-The-Top
Code: RONRF61176
Original Price: $227.60
Price: $174.11
RONRF1391 - Ronstan Jammer Kit for Series 60/75/100
Code: RONRF1391
Original Price: $138.00
Price: $105.57

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