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Ronstan Mast Tangs & Hounds


RONSTAN Mast Tangs & Hounds- Overview

Ronstan Mast Tangs & Hounds are used as terminal points for wire rigging on the mast. These terminal fasteners are manufactured from durable and corrosion resistant grade 316 stainless steel

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RONRF1189 - Ronstan Small Angled Mast Tang
Code: RONRF1189
Price: $9.30
RONRF146 - Ronstan Mast Hound suits 76-115mm (3 in.-4 1/2 in.)
Code: RONRF146
Price: $35.00
RONRF347 - Ronstan Double Tang 1/4in. Pin Diam.
Code: RONRF347
Price: $19.95
RONRF348 - Ronstan Double Tang 5/16 in. Pin Diam.
Code: RONRF348
Price: $24.95
RONRF43A - Ronstan Mast Tang, Double
Code: RONRF43A
Price: $21.95
RONRF604 - Ronstan Mast Hound suits 51-64mm (2 in.- 2 1/2 in.)
Code: RONRF604
Price: $18.95

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