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Ronstan Copper Ferrules


RONSTAN Copper Ferrules- Overview

Ronstan Copper Ferrules are used with thimbles to create eyes in wire rope. The nickel plated copper ferrules hold the eye loops in place.

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RONRF3169 - Ronstan Copper Ferrule 1/16 in. (1.5mm)
Code: RONRF3169
Original Price: $1.00
Price: $0.77
RONRF3170 - Ronstan Copper Ferrule 5/64 (2.0mm)
Code: RONRF3170
Original Price: $1.00
Price: $0.77
RONRF3171 - Ronstan Copper Ferrule 3/32 in.(2.5mm)
Code: RONRF3171
Original Price: $1.00
Price: $0.77
RONRF3172 - Ronstan Copper Ferrule 1/8 in. (3.0mm)
Code: RONRF3172
Original Price: $3.10
Price: $2.38
RONRF3173 - Ronstan Copper Ferrule 5/32 in. (4.0mm)
Code: RONRF3173
Original Price: $2.40
Price: $1.84
RONRF3174 - Ronstan Copper Ferrule 3/16 in. (5.0mm)
Code: RONRF3174
Original Price: $4.10
Price: $3.14
RONRF3175 - Ronstan Copper Ferrule 1/4 in. (6.4mm)
Code: RONRF3175
Original Price: $4.10
Price: $3.14

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