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Henri Lloyd Dinghy Sailing Gear

Henri Lloyd

Henri Lloyd Dinghy Sailing Gear

Henri Lloyd’s Dinghy Sailing Gear provides you with the best gear to wear while operating your Dinghy boat. This line provides 100% waterproof gear that is essential for any sailor.

Cobra Dinghy Smock

The Cobra Dinghy Smock features a Dartex neck seal with a non corrosive zip and a quick access fast draining sleeve pocket. The large front stow pocket features a water resistant zip and a neoprene waistband reduces water ingress.

Energy Dinghy Smock

For high aerobic activity and maximum freedom of movement. The new Energy dinghy collection has been engineered and upgraded to feature TP Bi-component fabric technology. Vibrant colors and considered designs combined to make Energy a serious choice for the active dinghy sailor.

Cobra Drysuit

 All-in-one drysuit with integral braces that ensures 100% waterproof protection. A must have for Dinghy sailors, the Cobra features neoprene neck and cuff seals, latex boots and a front fastening T-zip waterproof closure.

Dinghy Shorts

Designed with the keelboat racing sailor in mind, where performance and ease of movement through ergonomic design is paramount.

Cobra Grip Sailing Gloves

The Cobra sailing glove from Henri Lloyd features their MAXGRIP technology in the palm, together with quick drying and stretchy materials for excellent comfort and performance. The neoprene wrist closure ensures proper fit, while Kevlar threads throughout greatly increase the durability of this flexible performance sailing glove.

Stealth MAXGRIP Sailing Gloves

Henri-Lloyd's Stealth MAXGRIP Sailing Gloves provide superior grip, protection and durability with increased articulation for maximum performance. Henri-Lloyd combines their MAXGRIP™ technology with stretchy synthetic mesh on the backhand and quick-drying synthetic leather to produce this high performance sailing glove.

HENY00253 - Henri Lloyd Cobra Dinghy Smock
Code: HENY00253
Price: $120.00
HENY00313 - Henri Lloyd Phoenix Smock
    Code: HENY00313
    Price: $225.00
    HENY00343 - Henri Lloyd Energy Dinghy Smock
      Code: HENY00343
      Price: $120.00
      HENY15043 - Henri Lloyd Cobra Dry Suit
      Code: HENY15043
      Price: $575.00
      HENY31008 - Henri Lloyd Energy LS Rash Guard
        Code: HENY31008
        Price: $59.00
        HENY10124 - Henri Lloyd Cobra Dinghy Short
        Code: HENY10124
        Price: $99.00
        HENY10150 - Henri Lloyd Phoenix Short
        Code: HENY10150
        Price: $125.00
        HENY80050 - Henri Lloyd Cobra Grip LF Glove
        Code: HENY80050
        Price: $45.00
        HENY80051 - Henri Lloyd Cobra Grip SF Glove
        Code: HENY80051
        Price: $42.00
        HENY80052 - Henri Lloyd Cobra Winter Glove
        Code: HENY80052
        Price: $45.00
        HENY80031 - Henri Lloyd Stealth Max Grip Glove S/F
        Code: HENY80031
        Price: $43.00

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