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Harken System A CB Batten Cars



Harken Mainsail Handling Battcar System A CB Batten Cars

The one-piece solid aluminum construction of the Harken Battcar System A CB Cars is lightweight and strong. Cars are easily removed from the track by freeing the screwpin endstop and sliding them off. Both CB and Slider Battcar systems use the same track. Mix and match sliders and ball bearing cars for optimal performance and cost.

The free-rolling ball bearing cars let you hoist and reef the main quickly on all points of sail. Stainless steel wire guides keep the balls captive when the car is off the track.

Typical Boat Size:

Monohulls: length 37 - 50 ft (11.3 - 15.2 m);
mainsail area under 600 ft2 (56 m2)

Multihulls: length 30 - 40 ft (9.1 - 12.2 m);
mainsail area under 500 ft2 (46 m2)

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HAR3811 - Harken System A Headboard CB Car Assembly
Code: HAR3811
Original Price: $576.05
Price: $506.92
HAR3812 - Harken System A CB Intermediate Car
Code: HAR3812
Original Price: $148.90
Price: $131.03
HAR3831 - Harken System A CB Universal Car
Code: HAR3831
Original Price: $150.45
Price: $132.40
HAR3883 - Harken Sys A CB HL Reef Car 6mm Pin
Code: HAR3883
Original Price: $280.00
Price: $246.40
HAR3882 - Harken Sys A Long CB HL Batt Car w/ 12mm Stud
Code: HAR3882
Original Price: $295.00
Price: $259.60
HAR3881 - Harken Sys A CB HL Batt Car w/ 12mm Stud
Code: HAR3881
Original Price: $240.00
Price: $211.20
HAR3829 - Harken System A CB BattCar w/ 10mm Stud
Code: HAR3829
Original Price: $180.10
Price: $158.49
HAR3830 - Harken System A CB BattCar w/ 40mm Receptacle
Code: HAR3830
Original Price: $220.35
Price: $193.91

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