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Harken Furling Main Outhaul System

Use Harken Furling Outhaul System Cars with in-mast or behind-themast furlers on boats up to 45 ft (13.5 m). Sheave carriers pivot side-to-side to accommodate changing lead angles. Systems have 2:1 purchase and ride on cars with Torlon® ball bearings. A dead-end outhaul shackle is included.

The 1648 Midrange car has an axle-bearing sheave. The sheaves on the 595 and 1771 Big Boat cars use Torlon® rollers.

Clew Block
This strong, lightweight block uses the 75 mm ESP sheave. Plates angle so attachment straps fit shape of clew. Use with 595 and 1648 outhaul cars.
HAR1648 - Harken 27mm Midrange CB Outhaul Car
Code: HAR1648
Original Price: $391.80
Price: $310.30
HAR3076 - Harken 32mm BB CB 3000 Outhaul Car
Code: HAR3076
Original Price: $735.10
Price: $582.00
HAR3096 - Harken 32mm BB CB 4500 Outhaul Car
Code: HAR3096
Original Price: $1,257.55
Price: $996.00
HAR6061 - Harken 75mm ESP Furling Main Clew Block
Code: HAR6061
Original Price: $157.85
Price: $125.00

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