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Harken Footblocks


Harken Black Magic AirBlock

The entire line of Harken Black Magic AirBlocks has been redesigned with a sleek new look. Their unique, performance-packed engineering remains exactly the same.

Carrying some of the highest loads imposed by running rigging, these strong, lightweight Harken Footblocks feature Torlon roller bearings housed in a center cage. Rollers stay parallel for low-friction efficiency. Sculpted hardcoat-anodized aluminum sideplates protect sideload ball bearings. Dissimilar metals are isolated to minimize corrosion. Blocks are easily disassembled with a single Allen wrench.

Either metric or imperial flathead fasteners may be used for mounting and are not exposed.
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HAR3220 - Harken 57mm HL Footblock
Code: HAR3220
Original Price: $170.30
Price: $149.86
HAR3221 - Harken 57mm HL Footblock w/Lockoff
Code: HAR3221
Original Price: $237.05
Price: $208.60
HAR3222 - Harken 57mm HL Double Footblock
Code: HAR3222
Original Price: $297.25
Price: $261.58
HAR3234 - Harken 75mm Footblock
Code: HAR3234
Original Price: $347.80
Price: $306.06
HAR3235 - Harken 75mm Double Footblock
Code: HAR3235
Original Price: $601.60
Price: $529.41
HAR3236 - Harken 75mm Footblock w/Lockoff
Code: HAR3236
Original Price: $442.20
Price: $389.14
HAR3237 - Harken 75mm Double Footblock w/Lockoff (replaces 3006)
Code: HAR3237
Original Price: $770.15
Price: $677.73
HAR3249 - Harken 100mm Footblock
Code: HAR3249
Original Price: $528.55
Price: $465.12
HAR3250 - Harken 100mm Double Footblock
Code: HAR3250
Original Price: $930.70
Price: $819.02
HAR3257 - Harken 125mm Footblock
Code: HAR3257
Original Price: $674.95
Price: $593.96
HAR3258 - Harken 125mm Double Footblock
Code: HAR3258
Original Price: $1,426.65
Price: $1,255.45
HAR3263 - Harken 150mm Footblock
Code: HAR3263
Original Price: $1,184.85
Price: $1,042.67

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