Byte CII Cunningham System470


The 4:1 double-ended cunningham system uses a 16 mm hook-in block that attaches to the clew of the sail. Two T18s—Harken’s lightest blocks ever—add purchase. Control lines are lead aft to clam cleats on either side of the foredeck and are well within reach while hiking.

HAR391 - Harken 16mm Hook-in Halyard
Code: HAR391
List Price: $ 29.45
Price: $ 25.92
HAR417 - Harken 16mm Single Block w/ Swivel
Code: HAR417
List Price: $ 26.45
Price: $ 23.28
HAR2698 - Harken 18mm Carbo Block T18+
Code: HAR2698
List Price: $ 20.20
Price: $ 17.78

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