Orbit Blocks


Orbit Blocks - Overview

Orbit blocks represent the future of racing sailboat hardware. The choise of the world's best racing sailors, they offer a no-compromise solution. Their flexible Dyneema Link technology comes from the latest trends in development classes and grand prix ocean racing. The product of meticulous engineering, they deliver the ultimate in strength, weight saving, holding power and control.

Advanced fibre and polymer technology that is up to ten times stronger than steel delivers a product more compact and lighter too. Through 3D modeling, Finite Element stress analysis and mould flow analysis, our engineers made sure that everything performs both in the laboratory and in the real world.

Months of on-water testing by elite sailors pushed the product to their limits. After further strengthening and fine-tuning, they're now ready for you to test for yourself.

Series 20<br>BB Orbit Blocks
Series 30<br>Orbit Blocks
Series 40<br>BB Orbit Blocks
Size 40<br>Ratchet Orbit Blocks
Series 55<br>BB Orbit Blocks
Size 55<br>Ratchet Orbit Blocks
Series 60<br>Orbit Blocks
Series 70<br>BB Orbit Blocks
Size 70<br>Ratchet Orbit Blocks
Series 75<br>Orbit Blocks
Series 100<br>Orbit Blocks
Series 125<br>Orbit Blocks
Series 150<br>Orbit Blocks

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