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Snipe One-Desing - Rigging and Parts

Snipe: Competitive, Tactical Racing

The Snipe is popular for many reasons. The Snipe class motto is: Serious Sailing, Serious fun. This boat is a classical beauty that sails well and handles safely even in heavy wind conditions. The purchase price of Snipe Sailboatsis attractive and the boat keeps it's value and racing performance for years. The tactical challenges and tight one-design class racing provided by the snipe class attracts some of the best sailors in the world. World champions from other classes of sailboats can frequently be found fight for a spot on the starting line at championship snipe regattas. At the same time, the Snipe class is know for being friendly and accomadating to a wide range of sailors. You will likely find sailors of every age range competing against each other at a snipe regatta.

The Snipe is a hard chined double handed dinghy that handles well in a variety of wind ranges.  The boat's bendy rig and simple sail plan allow a broad range of crew combinations and weights, and the technical aspects of the Snipe make it a fun and challenging boat for all levels of competition. The Snipe Class International Racing Association (SCIRA) is a widely popular and well run organisation that covers most of the world. There are strong local fleets throughout the US and international events take place in Europe, the Americas, and Asia. The Snipe Class offers a fully packed racing calendar, with local regattas, beginner events, international regattas, and national and world championships.

At Mauri Pro we have a range of parts, running rigging, sailing gear, and covers that will help keep your Snipe in top racing condition. When shopping for parts for Snipe Sailboats, look no further. Snipe boom vangs can be assembled using Harken 29mm and micro blocks in a cascade. You can find all of the parts that make up a snipe mainsheet system at Mauri Pro Sailing. New Harken soft attach T2 blocks are perfect for many applications in snipe sailboat rigging. They are especially useful in the unique snipe whisker pole launch system.

Snipe Sailboat covers from harken canvas keep your boat safe from rain and UV damage. Harken Canvas also makes a mast bag for the snipe. Bottom covers for snipes are essential for protecting your boat's hull from dirt and scratches when travelling to your next snipe regatta.

Snipe Specifications

LOA: 15 ft 6 in (4.7 m)
LWL: 13 ft 6 in (4.1 m)
Beam: 5 ft (1.5 m)
Sail Area: 128 sq ft (11.8 sq m)
Weight: 381 lb (173 kg)

Mainsheet System

Snipe Mainsheet Parts
Use this revolutionary load-sensing ratchet as a secondary mainsheet ratchet to give the skipper extra holding power upwind. As the load decreases around the weather mark, the ratchet automatically turns off for a smooth release.

Whisker Pole

Snipe Whisker Pole Launching System and Parts
The Snipe uses a retractable boom-launched whisker pole. The crew deploys the pole with an automatic cleating system led through two 29 mm Carbo stand-up blocks. Two 29 mm T2 Carbo blocks hold up the whisker pole line.The Unique Whisker pole systenm on the snipe sailboats allows practiced snipe teams to have efficient gybes and down wind legs.

Sheets and Control Lines
Boom Vang
Jib System
Mainsheet System
Whisker Pole Launch System

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