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Class Description

For thirty years the Etchells class has enjoyed solid and steady growth with over fifty active fleets worldwide. Etchells sailors are enthusiastic and loyal supporters of their boat and class association. The Etchells is a big, fast, simple, stable, and sleek racing sloop that can be sailed competitively and in comfort by three or four average sailors.

It can tack in 70 degrees and has a low wetted surface hull form that keeps moving in the slightest breeze. In 20+ knots it absolutely flies. The strict one-design principle of the class was established from the outset and is controlled by a strong, established and well-administered class association. Control of construction by the class association and the ISAF ensures quality and uniformity. It's trailerable, easy to maintain and light enough to dry sail; and Etchells hold exceptional resale value.

Mainsheet System

The controls for the mainsheet system are systematically led to the center of the cockpit. The mainsheet system, itself, is controlled through a swivel block that leads up towards the boom then to a 3:1 purchase in the back of the boat.

The stern mounted traveler controls run under the deck, which allows a less cluttered deck. The traveler controls then run to a center control box that is easily accessible by the driver.

Jib System

Jib System

The gross-trim allows the trimmer to sheet in quickly, while the fine-tune permits micro adjustments when the wind is up and the loads are high. The lead car adjustment helps shape the sail under load. Both gross-trim and lead car systems are under deck to keep the working area clean.

Mast Fine Tune

Mast Fine Tune
Control of the mast position allows the Etchells to be a highly competitive boat that requries constant attention to sail trim and mast position. Moving the mast fore and aft adjusts the center of effort on the main sail, allowing for many combinations of sail shape.

Sheets and Control Lines
Jib System
Mainsheet System
Mast Fine Tune System
Tiller Extensions

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