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210 One Design - Rigging and Parts

210 Keelboat
The 210 Class is a 30' hard chine keel boat that provides sailors of all levels an experience of legendary one design performance. Since 1946 the class has supported fleets and sailors around the country who want to participate in the wonderful sport of sailing. Families often find the International 210 a versatile and rewarding boat that handles all types of weather conditions. There are many fleets that find homes in area Yacht Clubs that help promote great racing and camaraderie. Both a one-design boat and having a favorable PHRF rating, the International 210 has the broad spectrum that many sailors are looking for.

The 210 Class continues to support sailors in new and exciting ways. With the launch of our new website, and the growth of our regatta circuit, we are bringing the boat and it’s heritage front and center to next generation sailors.

Genoa System Layout

210 Genoa System
To control the large overlapping genoa, the genoa sheet is led belowdeck to a Small Boat traveler car mounted to the inside of the boat. The traveler car features a plate with a 57 mm Carbo Ratchamatic® Cheek block w/cam. Crew use the traveler car to sheet the genoa to 90% of full trim. Then use a 6:1 block and tackle system to pull the belowdeck traveler car forward for precise adjustments—all without ever leaving the rail.

Mainsheet System Layout

210 Mainsheet System
The 210 mainsheet system uses 57mm Carbo singles on the boom and traveler and cleats to a 57mm Carbo Ratchet mounted on a Barney post. A 57 mm Carbo Ratchamatic, mounted immediately above the Rachet, provides the skipper with additional holding power of 10:1. When sheet loads decrease, the Ratchamatic® spins freely for fasteasing action. The mainsheet tail runs into the boom to a 5:1 fine-tune purchase system. Two Micro blocks create a 15:1 purchase for finger tip upwind control. The fine tune exits the bottom of the boom through an in-line thru-deck bullet block and cleats on a pivoting exit or "headknocker" block.

Sheets and Control Lines
Genoa System
Mainsheet System

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