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Sailing Life Jackets and PFD

Life Jackets & PFDs
Price: $89.00
Price: $89.00
Code: GIL4914
Price: $140.00
Code: GIL4915
Price: $90.00
Code: SEAA007
Original Price: $110.00
Price: $95.00
Price: $125.00
Code: ZHKPFD10
Price: $129.00
GIL4925 - Gill Team Buoyancy Aid
    Code: GIL4925
    Price: $70.00

    USCG Approved PFDs
    Code: GIL4913
    Price: $125.00
    Code: GIL4918
    Price: $125.00

    Junior USCG Approved Life Jackets
    Code: GIL4918J
    Price: $89.95

    Inflatable PFD's - USCG Approved
    Price: $539.00
    Price: $529.00
    Price: $809.00
    Price: $529.00
    Price: $699.00
    Price: $719.00
    Price: $379.00
    Price: $359.00
    Price: $189.00
    Code: MUSMD5183
    Original Price: $242.13
    Price: $217.60
    Code: MUSMD2016
    Original Price: $169.35
    Price: $152.20
    Code: MUSMD2014
    Original Price: $137.56
    Price: $123.60
    Code: MUSMD3082
    Original Price: $258.94
    Price: $232.70
    Code: MUSMD3084
    Original Price: $299.26
    Price: $269.00
    Code: MUSMD3085
    Original Price: $202.73
    Price: $182.20
    Code: MUSMD3087
    Original Price: $248.84
    Price: $223.70
    Code: MUSMD3183
    Original Price: $310.95
    Price: $279.50
    Code: MUSMD3184
    Original Price: $364.58
    Price: $327.00
    Price: $179.00
    SPNDWLCGR - Spinlock Deckvest Lite: USCG Approved
      Code: SPNDWLCGR
      Price: $189.00

      Re Arm Kits
      Code: SPNDWRAH275
      Price: $92.00
      Code: SPNDWRAH150
      Price: $82.00
      Code: SPNDWRAK
      Price: $40.00
      Code: SPNDWRAK100
      Price: $35.00
      Code: MUSMA2014
      Original Price: $34.18
      Price: $30.72
      Code: MUSMA7214
      Original Price: $26.11
      Price: $23.47
      Code: MUSMA5183
      Original Price: $85.63
      Price: $76.98
      Code: MUSMA7202
      Original Price: $83.13
      Price: $74.73
      Code: MUSMA7203
      Original Price: $35.29
      Price: $31.72


      At Mauri Pro we are proud to offer a wide range of liefe jackets, PFD and all personal flotation devices for saliors worldwide. We provide a variety of colorful and stylish sailing life jackets from the top brands- Gill, Zhik, Neil Pryde, Spinlock, SEA and Mustang. Mauri Pro offers the latest sailing life vest and buoyancy aids to fit the needs of all sailors and water sport enthusiasts.

      About Gill Life Jackets & PFDs

      Gill's life jackets designing process starts with a group of sailors at all levels, right up to Olympic medalists and Volvo Ocean Race winners, getting together and going through their kit bags.

      Gill then design a range of sailing life vests to their exact specifications and when they have prototypes, Gill asks them to then test all sailing life jackets. Gill's sailing gear extensive in-house and independent lab testing program then adds an additional level of assurance that the buoyancy aid vests will do the job.

      All sailing life vests designed by Gill have been developed with minimum bulk and maximum comfort in mind. Gill also offers USCG approved sailing life jackets to provide a top-of-the-line safety option. Visit Gill Sailing Life Jackets and PFDs

      About Spinlock Deckware PFDs

      Spinlock Deckware's range includes buoyancy aid vests and harnesses but features the Deckvest- the world leading sailing life jacket harness. Where there had been no significant technical or aesthetic change for over thirty years, Spinlock developed a completely new and personal sailing life vest solution that was attractive and comfortable to wear.

      Active campaigning by Spinlock about Deckvest and the importance of wearing your own buoyancy aid vest and harness has already helped encourage a much more positive attitude towards sea safety. Power or sail, amateur professional or commercial marine, wearing a well-fitting sailing life jacket has become very normal. Since 2010 we have been proud to supply special Deckvest versions to the international Certified Instructors of the respected Royal Yachting Association. 

      These USCG approved sailing life jackets add a stylish twist paired with comfort enhancing features all while providing maximum safety. Visit Spinlock Deckware.

      About Zhik Sailing Life Jackets and Racing PFDs

      The Zhik research aims to continually develop and improve sailing life vests and sailing gear for the performance of the sailors that choose their technical clothing. Zhik sailing life jackets and buoyancy aid vests are backed by sailors in the America's Cup and Youth AC.

      Zhik's sailing life vests provide protection and comfort for the full spectrum of sailing conditions. Whatever the environment, these technical products will help your performance to adapt to the condition. Visit Zhik PFDs.

      About Neil Pryde Sailing Life Jackets

      Neil Pryde sailing life vests and buoyancy aid vests feature super soft buoyancy foam and reflective panels and piping with wide adjustment ranges. These key features allow all Neil Pryde sailing life jackets to ensure maximum comfort and performance.

      The buoyancy aid vests offered by Neil Pryde feature a traditional overhead vest-cut or a front zip version with adjustable waist band and shoulder straps to ensure the most secure fit. Visit Neil Pryde Sailing Life Vests.

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