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Schaefer Self Jamming Cleats


These tough aluminum Schaefer Jam Deck cleats are anodized to provide the strength and corrosion resistance you need for years of reliable service. Strong yet lightweight aluminum offers an advantage over easily "burned-out" plastic or heavy stainless designs. Schaefer's edges protect your lines from chafe and wear and accept large diameter lines that are easier on tired hands. Excellent for use with genoa sheets or reefing lines. One "wrap" around Schaefer's "V" shaped base section locks line in cleat for quick adjustments .

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SCH6078 - Schaefer Jam Cleat 4 in (102mm) Silver
Code: SCH6078
Original Price: $47.05
Price: $30.30
SCH6079 - Schaefer Jam Cleat 5 in (127mm) Silver
Code: SCH6079
Original Price: $58.85
Price: $37.90
SCH6080 - Schaefer Jam Cleat 6 in (152mm) Silver
Code: SCH6080
Original Price: $74.15
Price: $47.75
SCH7078 - Schaefer Jam Cleat 4 in (102mm) Black
Code: SCH7078
Original Price: $47.05
Price: $30.30
SCH7079 - Schaefer Jam Cleat 5 in (127mm) Black
Code: SCH7079
Original Price: $58.85
Price: $37.90
SCH7080 - Schaefer Jam Cleat 6 in (152mm) Black
Code: SCH7080
Original Price: $74.10
Price: $47.73

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