Schaefer Battslide Systems ONE


Schaefer's Battslide System ONE offers solutions for Mainsails on a variety of sailoats. First determine your batten size and quantity and select the appropriate Full Batten Receptacle. These receptacles work with Schaefer toggle/slides or with the addition of Schaefer's shackle (466) with a variety of sail slides. The intermediate 889 and 844 Headboard Plate allows full articulation between sail slides and your sail for trouble free hoisting and lowering.

Code: SCH150010
List Price: $ 74.50
Price: $ 55.95
Code: SCH1500BR
List Price: $ 74.50
Price: $ 55.95
Code: SCH44010
List Price: $ 35.60
Price: $ 26.95
Code: SCH45010
List Price: $ 81.90
Price: $ 63.95
Code: SCH450N
List Price: $ 43.15
Price: $ 33.95

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