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Ronstan Series 42 End Controls


RONSTAN End Controls Series 30 - Overview

Ronstan Series 42 Control ends with high performance Torlon® ball bearing sheaves are used with mainsheet traveller and genoa sheeting systems to create purchase systems for easy adjustment of car position under load. Control end sheaves are 75 mm (3") diameter and suit up to 14 mm (9/16") rope.

  • Alloy body.
  • Grade 316 stainless steel cheeks.
  • Alloy sheave.
  • Torlon® ball bearings.
  • Rubber buffers.
  • Applications:
    Genoa sheet systems on boats to 25 m (82 ft), mainsheet systems on boats to 24 m (78 ft), multihull mainsheet systems on boats to 19 m (62 ft), self tacking jib systems on boats to 20 m (65 ft).

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    RONRC14280 - Ronstan Series 42 End Cap, Plastic, 50mm x 49mm
    Code: RONRC14280
    Original Price: $15.40
    Price: $11.78
    RONRC14281 - Ronstan Series 42 End Stop, Alloy, 100mm x 75mm
    Code: RONRC14281
    Original Price: $131.80
    Price: $100.83
    RONRC14283 - Ronstan Series 42 Adjustable Stop, 77mm
    Code: RONRC14283
    Original Price: $311.10
    Price: $238.00
    RONRC14284 - Ronstan Series 42 Control End, Single, 75mm Sheave
    Code: RONRC14284
    Original Price: $524.95
    Price: $401.40
    RONRC14285 - Ronstan Series 42 Control End, Single, 75mm Sheave & Becket
    Code: RONRC14285
    Original Price: $577.80
    Price: $442.02

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