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Ronstan Bow Shackles


RONSTAN Bow Shackles - Overview

Ronstan Bow Shackles are designed for a high strength to weight ratio and both steel bodies and pins are made from non-corrosive grade 316 stainless steel.

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RONRF613S - Ronstan Shackle, Bow, Slotted Pin 3mm, L:13mm, W:9mm
Code: RONRF613S
Original Price: $6.60
Price: $5.05
RONRF633 - Ronstan Shackle, Bow, Pin 4mm, L:14mm, W:13mm
Code: RONRF633
Original Price: $7.70
Price: $5.90
RONRF634 - Ronstan Shackle, Bow, Pin 3/16 in., L:17mm, W:14mm
Code: RONRF634
Original Price: $6.75
Price: $5.17
RONRF635 - Ronstan Shackle, Bow, Pin 1/4 in., L:21mm, W:19mm
Code: RONRF635
Original Price: $9.65
Price: $7.38
RONRF636 - Ronstan Shackle, Bow, Pin 5/16 in., L:27mm, W:22mm
Code: RONRF636
Original Price: $12.95
Price: $9.91
RONRF637 - Ronstan Shackle, Bow, Pin 3/8 in., L:51mm, W:36mm
Code: RONRF637
Original Price: $35.95
Price: $27.50
RONRF638 - Ronstan Shackle, Bow, Pin 5/16 in., L:27mm, W:22mm
Code: RONRF638
Original Price: $18.50
Price: $14.16

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