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Ronstan Ballslide Battcar System Series 8


RONSTAN Battcar Systems Series 6 - Overview

Ronstan Ballslide T Batten System
Quick, Easy and Reliable - The patented Ballslide T Ronstan system uses the existing luff groove of the mast, so that no track needs to be installed. The Series 8 Ballslide T cars have captive ball bearings for free-running performance, and can easily be loaded and unloaded from the mast when fitting or removing the mainsail.

  • BallslideT Ronstan Batten cars are compatible with most popular mast profiles for boats up to 18m (60 ft).
  • Recirculating, captive ball bearings make raising and lowering the sail quick and easy.
  • No track installation required - BallslideT batten cars run in the existing luff groove.
  • The range includes all elements for a complete system, including headboard plates and batten receptacles.

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    Code: RONRC00010
    Price: $109.20
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    Price: $7.20
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    Price: $11.30
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    Price: $24.70
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    Price: $24.70
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    Price: $24.70
    Code: RONRC20133
    Price: $24.70
    Code: RONRC28160
    Price: $524.30
    Code: RONRC28161
    Price: $636.50
    Code: RONRC28163
    Price: $229.70
    Code: RONRC28166
    Price: $245.10
    Code: RONRC28169
    Price: $310.95
    Code: RONRC28181
    Price: $55.60
    Code: RONRC28460
    Price: $524.30
    Code: RONRC28461
    Price: $600.50
    Code: RONRC28463
    Price: $223.50
    Code: RONRC28466
    Price: $245.10
    Code: RONRC28469
    Price: $320.30

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