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Lewmar Windlass Contactors


Lewmar Windlass Contactors

Avoid an overload or overheat on your sailboat Windlass by installing a Lewmar Contactor Box to regulate current load.

Part No Description Capstans
C3 to C6
FISH 700
FISH 1000
V700 CPX0 V1
V5 V6 V8
68000933 Single 12V x                        
68000934 Single 24V x                        
68000937 Compact Dual 12V           x x x          
68000938 Compact Dual 24V               x          
68000318 Dual 12V             x x   x      
68000319 Dual 24V               x   x   x  
68000939 Compact Dual 12V   x x x x                
68000320 Dual 12V                 x        
68000321 Dual 24V                 x   x   x
18000301 Single 12V x                        
18000302 Single 24V x                        
68000129 Dual 12V             x x   x      
68000130 Dual 24V               x   x   x  
18000200 Dual 12V   x x x x       x        
18000237 Dual 24V                 x   x   x
68000919 Single 12V x                        
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LEW18000301 - Lewmar 12V Contactor Box Type E
Code: LEW18000301
Price: $207.40
LEW18000302 - Lewmar 24V Contactor Box Type E
Code: LEW18000302
Price: $207.40
LEW68000129 - Lewmar Dual SF Control Box 12V
Code: LEW68000129
Original Price: $338.80
Price: $244.00
LEW68000130 - Lewmar Dual Direction Control Box 24V (Old Style)
Code: LEW68000130
Original Price: $366.30
Price: $263.70
LEW68000318 - Lewmar 2 Direction Contactor 12v - O/C1/2
Code: LEW68000318
Original Price: $248.20
Price: $178.70
LEW68000319 - Lewmar 2 Direction Contactor 24v - O/C1/2
Code: LEW68000319
Original Price: $248.20
Price: $178.70
LEW68000320 - Lewmar 2 Direction Contactor 12v - O/C3
Code: LEW68000320
Original Price: $371.80
Price: $267.70
LEW68000321 - Lewmar 2 Direction Contactor 24V - O/C3
Code: LEW68000321
Original Price: $371.80
Price: $267.70
LEW68000933 - Lewmar Contactor 12V Type E
Code: LEW68000933
Price: $77.12
LEW68000934 - Lewmar Contactor 24V Type E
Code: LEW68000934
Price: $77.12
LEW68000937 - Lewmar Dual Contactor 12V Sealed
Code: LEW68000937
Original Price: $133.90
Price: $96.48
LEW68000938 - Lewmar Dual Contactor 24V Sealed
Code: LEW68000938
Original Price: $133.90
Price: $96.48
LEW68000939 - Lewmar Changeover Contactor 12V - Sealed
Code: LEW68000939
Original Price: $150.00
Price: $108.00
LEW18000200 - Lewmar Control Box 12V 2-DIR No Overload
Code: LEW18000200
Original Price: $460.10
Price: $331.20
LEW18000237 - Lewmar Control Box 24V No Overload
Code: LEW18000237
Original Price: $535.60
Price: $385.60
LEW68000919 - Lewmar Capstan 12V Control Box
Code: LEW68000919
Original Price: $315.20
Price: $226.90

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