Lewmar Electric Ocean Winch Kits


Lewmar Electric Ocean Winch Kits

The Lewmar Electric Winch Kit contains all you need to convert your existing manual winch to an electric powered version.

Kit Contains

  • Power Drive
  • Motor Gearbox
  • Contactor
  • Circuit Breaker
  • Switch

Part No Description
48040300 40ST 12V 'E' Conversion Kit
48046300 46ST 12V 'E' Conversion Kit
48048300 48ST 12V 'E' Conversion Kit
48050300 50ST 12V 'ELS' Conversion Kit
48054300 54ST 12V 'ELS' Conversion Kit
48058300 58ST 12V 'ELS' Conversion Kit
Code: LEW480403001
Price: $2,229.00
Code: LEW480404001
Price: $2,169.00
Code: LEW480463001
Price: $2,309.00
Code: LEW480483001
Original Price: $2,381.20
Price: $2,139.00
Code: LEW480483002
Price: $2,959.00
Code: LEW480484001
Price: $2,479.00
Code: LEW48050300
Price: $4,209.00
Code: LEW48054300
Price: $4,379.00
Code: LEW48058300
Price: $4,609.00

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