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Harken Lazy Jacks & Single Reefing Line



Harken Single Line Reefing and Lazy Jacks

Harken Single Line Reefing Kits let you shorten the mainsail in three easy steps: ease the halyard to a predetermined mark, tension the reef line, and trim the sail. Sails with reef points do not need modifying.

Harken Lazy Jacks Kits contain mainsails while reefing and dousing. They work extremely well with full-batten mains, but can also be used with conventional sails.
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HAR430 - Harken Medium Single Line Reefing Kit
Code: HAR430
Original Price: $363.15
Price: $319.57
HAR252 - Harken Small Lazy Jack Kit
Code: HAR252
Original Price: $302.95
Price: $266.60
HAR253 - Harken Medium Lazy Jack Kit
Code: HAR253
Original Price: $414.25
Price: $364.54
HAR254 - Harken Large Lazy Jack Kit
Code: HAR254
Original Price: $739.75
Price: $650.98

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