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Harken Eyestraps

Harken Eyestraps are useful accessories. They form light-duty mounting bases for blocks, serve as lash-down points, and can be used for fairleads. Available in all different sizes.

Forged 316 stainless Harken Eyestraps are extremely strong and their smooth shape won’t chafe line.
HAR073 - Harken Standard SS Eye strap 1.25 in. Hole Spacing
Code: HAR073
Original Price: $2.15
Price: $1.70
HAR074 - Harken Small SS Eyestrap 1.5 in. Hole Spacing
Code: HAR074
Original Price: $9.35
Price: $7.41
HAR137 - Harken Large SS Eyestrap
Code: HAR137
Original Price: $2.90
Price: $2.30
HAR201 - Harken Low Profile Standard SS Eyestrap
Code: HAR201
Original Price: $2.15
Price: $1.70
HAR281 - Harken SS Micro Eyestrap
Code: HAR281
Original Price: $1.65
Price: $1.31
HAR282 - Harken Standard SS Offshore Eyestrap
Code: HAR282
Original Price: $3.60
Price: $2.85
HAR419 - Harken Eyestrap for Trigger Cleat
Code: HAR419
Original Price: $8.80
Price: $6.97
HAR445 - Harken 16 mm Eyestrap
Code: HAR445
Original Price: $1.55
Price: $1.22
HAR2133 - Harken 37.12 mm Forged Eyestrap
Code: HAR2133
Price: $5.90
HAR3287 - Harken 30 mm Composite Eyestraps - Package of 6
Code: HAR3287
Original Price: $11.25
Price: $8.91

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